About Me

I am a bartender at Gran Caffe L'Aquila. I'm often seen as older than I really am. My explanation is that "I'm not old, I merely developed a premature intolerance toward ignorance." Every single day I force myself to learn or experience something new. I'll taste a new food, read a new book or article, or have a discussion with someone with an opinion different from my own. This is why I fell in love with bars and lounges. I can do all of these things in a nice calm bar. I can play games and converse and drink with total strangers. It's a glorious feeling and even when I get in a fierce, serious conversation with someone, when I go home I know I'm better for it. We need to improve every day, I feel. We may as well also enjoy ourselves while we do it. 

Books: Faust, John Dies at the End
Movies: Clockwork Orange, Preaching to the Perverted
TV Shows: QI, How I Met Your Mother, Doctor Who
Music: Halestorm, Leonard Cohen
Food: Lobster, Steak, Bacon
Drink: Whiskey, Amaretto

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